About Us

Mazhai is an exclusive leisure wear brand that teams the elegance of simple lines with the quality of 100% natural fibre fabrics. Each of our easy-wearing, well-cut garments boasts sophistication, timeless design and blissful comfort.

Mazhai is motivated by movement towards sustainable fashion in South Africa and inspired by the eco-conscious approach to create sophisticated leisure wear.

Created with the conscious consumer in mind, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the entire Mazhai collection is produced in small volumes, through patient and ethical practice.

Each and every garment is designed by Mazhai owner/founder Marlene Zevenster and handmade under her direct supervision. 

“With over 36 years of experience in the clothing industry I have worked with a vast range of fabrics to create custom clothing. It was while handling different fabrics that I discovered my passion for natural fibres. I love the way that natural fibres feel to the touch and what they represent. I only work with carefully sourced natural fabrics that are deserving of the time and effort that goes into creating beautiful and timeless garments.” -Marlene Zevenster

The Mazhai collection will see you looking stylish through every season, effortlessly transitioning from day to night. Splendour lies in every detail of these exceptional leisure wear garments.